Reviews With Athena

Hello all! I’m here because of my love of film. Being a current Masters student in production I have way too much knowledge of film theory and not nearly enough time on my hands. But, with that not nearly enough time, I’ve decided to start doing something I was once told I should pursue, which is writing movie reviews. You may be asking yourself, why should we listen to the opinion of this rando? Well, I only have one answer. You spend 2hrs of your life watching any film, so why not spend a few minutes reading a quick synopsis before you make the decision to delve into a new world?

What I intend to do is write quick synopsis of a slurry of films found on VUDU and in Redbox. I may also delve into Hulu and Netflix on occasion. My goal is to cover the strange few films you see that may intrigue you, but you’re not sure if you should watch them or not. While I will go into big blockbusters found in the various outlets, I mostly want to help you make informed viewing decisions when you’re sitting at home thinking “I need something to watch and I swear I’ve watched it all”.

I think we’ve all had those days where we have some time and want to watch something, but the amount of content available is insane. You’ve seen all the new best releases, and lets face it, the rating systems of these streaming/rental outlets aren’t the most accurate. For example, Zombeavers was rated a 1 1/2 stars for me on Netflix but when I watched it? I’d totally give it at least 4 stars as a comedy. That movie cracked me up to no end, maybe because of the hilariously fake looking beavers, but none the less the way a movie is intended to be received isn’t always how it comes across.

So a little about me: I’m pretty much your average viewer. Sometimes I will get technical, other times I just want to have a good laugh. I enjoy everything from raunchy comedies to intense psychological thrillers. I look at film as a spectrum, and every part of the spectrum is necessary. Something doesn’t have to be a cinematic masterpiece to be enjoyable. Also, being a college student I often find myself with only a couple extra dollars and not able to rationalize going to the theatre. Living is expensive, especially in Southern California, so I like to find cheap outlets for entertainment. And that’s how I ended up here!

I chose VUDU and Redbox as my primary outlets because Redbox is a low cost way to enjoy an evening, for $1 it’s accessible to tons of people in many areas. VUDU, offers free films to view with commercials and is a fairly underrated streaming service. No subscription required, just a Walmart account, but for a range of $2-$10 you can rent various movies, or watch some for free. I’ll focus mostly on the free ones since they’re easily accessible and tend not to be major movies.

At any point feel free to add your own comments about movies, or let me know a movie you’d like to hear about! Email me at and I’ll be happy to write a review for whatever it is you’re interested in.

So, without further ado, allow me to begin my reviews!


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