The Girl With All the Gifts

Title: The Girl With All the Gifts

Director: Colm McCarthy

Writer: Mike Carey (Based on the book written by the same author)

Runtime: 111 minutes

Rating: R

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world humans, determined to find a cure for the fungi causing the “hungry” virus turn to children who, though infected with the virus, still retain sentience.

Review: The premise of the entire film feels very original and interesting. I was captivated with each moment as the main character guided my thought process. Where it is lacking it graphics it makes up in story-line. I’m not an easy person to surprise, but this film had multiple moments that caught my off guard. Things I never expected to happen would occur, and it kept me taking in every moment. At no point did I feel like turning away from the screen. Whether you’re an action-nut who just wants fight scene after fight scene or the person who prefers a heavily psychological premise, it will fit both those needs. This is the sort of movie that has something for multiple viewers.

On top of being riveting and containing some gorgeous shots mixed with more average ones, this film does something a lot of films don’t. It doesn’t dip into stereotypes or rely on tropes, it uses its’ individuality to sustain the audience. You have strong women, strong men, people of multiple races and ethnicities, and exists in a world where people of all skill sets are necessary to sustain the world. If you’re into political analysis this is the film for you. It will have you delving deep into your mind and wondering, what is the author trying to say about society as a whole? If analysis isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the ride.

Interested? Watch the preview and learn more here
Or, rent it now at your local Redbox!

Image is a still shot from the film and therefore being cited below:

The Girl With All The Gifts. Dir. Colm Mccarthy. Perf. Gemma Arterton and Dominique Tipper. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2016. DVD.

Please, if my citations are incorrect let me know! I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. The artists at work put a lot of time and effort into their films, I’m just here to help bring exposure to said films.



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