Title: Bait

Director: Dominic Brunt

Writer: Paul Roundell

Runtime: 82 min.

Rating: NR (But probably R if the MPAA did rate it)

Synopsis: Two women, set on opening a cafe, end up taking out a loan from the wrong man.

Review: Now this is one that got somewhat attacked by critics, but I think it still has some merit. The plot line transcends traditional genre cliches in-order to form a one-part slasher, one-part thriller, one-part action, one-part I’m not even sure what else movie. The UK low budget film features some decent performances and solid cinematography. The recurrence of mirrors will probably leave you wondering if you need to reflect on your own life decisions, or if the DP just has a thing for stylizing things in ways they don’t need to be stylized. None the less, I enjoyed it. I’m a cinematographer at heart, so if something looks pretty I can let quite a bit pass. That may be my downfall…

The thing that kept me throughout the film were the female protagonists. It’s two tough (in their own way) women, out to get what they want, forced to face the realities of everyday sexism and just how sick some men can be. If you’re not an easily triggered person and fine with some over-the-top gore (because 1/4 of this film could be confused for slasher) then you’ll do just fine. But, if issues of sexism, rape, abuse, etc. put you in a bad state of mind, I’d recommend steering clear. On the bright side? These are two very real feeling women representing a spectrum of women and not a stereotype, so if you want some gory catharsis this is a good one for you.
Side note: Don’t confuse this film with the other two movies of the exact same name. Seriously, who’s in charge of naming these things!?! I’m not even sure why this movie’s called bait, the shark movie of the same name makes a lot more sense. But hey, who am I to judge? Films need names, I’m sure there’s a reason.

Interested? Watch the preview here

Or watch now on Amazon Prime VOD (with your prime subscription) or VUDU (free with ads)

Image is a still shot from the film and therefore being cited below:

Bait. Dir. Dominic Brunt. Perf. Victoria Smurfit and Andrew Dunn. Metrodome Distribution, 2015. VUDU. Web. 27 Apr. 2017.

Please, if my citations are incorrect let me know! I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. The artists at work put a lot of time and effort into their films, I’m just here to help bring exposure to said films.


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