Title: C.O.G.

Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Writer: Kyle Patrick Alvarez and David Sedaris

Runtime: 88 min.

Rating: R

Synopsis: A Yale graduate flips his life upside down when he decides to move off the grid to Oregon.

Review: This semi-autobiographical film is yet another example of the clash between rural towns, religion, and the gay community. Though not focused on those particular issues, it has a very real feel about it. I grew up in a small town, and it just so happens I was raised in Oregon. Showing a different side then most people are used to (let’s face it, half of you imagine sprawling trees, marijuana, and free love. Or Portlandia… which aren’t all inaccurate but like any state there is more then one side) this film does something a lot of movies don’t. There’s no real catharsis, no happy-go-lucky ending, and yet the film contains a certain aspect of realism that makes it feel good.

Living in Boulder for four years I saw a lot of kids like this one, fresh out of college who want to go experience rural life because they’ve never left the city.  They want something different. Their romanticized version of what the country is though, is never reality. (And I only get to say that because I grew up in the middle of nowhere). The main character carries the audience with few words as he absorbs life in a way he’s never experienced before. The cinematography is quite lovely as well, helping carry the audience from moment to moment. Not to mention the overall color and tone of the film is so intriguing, I may give it a second view to see how color corresponds with feel, or if it was just arbitrary. There are moments where you laugh, cry, and in general whether you’ve ever been this kid or not you can probably somehow relate to him.

I highly recommend this one for someone who likes a dark comedy feel in their drama, and who likes living in the moment of a life of a character. I personally was left wondering, what happens to this character next?  And if that’s how you like to end a film, this is the one for you. Also a side note: Though not violent there’s plenty of profanity, which I know some people are sensitive to (and is probably the majority of the reason for the R rating) so keep that in mind while watching. If that doesn’t bother you? You’re all good to go!

Interested? Watch the preview here

Or, head over now to VUDU to watch free (with ads)! Also available on Hulu.

Image is a still shot from the film and therefore being cited below:

C.O.G. Dir. Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Perf. Jonathan Groff and Denis O’Hare. Focus World, 2013. VUDU. Web. 30 Apr. 2017.


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