The Perfect Family

Title: The Perfect Family

Director: Anne Renton

Writers: Paula Goldberg and Claire Riley

Runtime: 84 min

Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: A devout Catholic woman, nominated for Catholic Woman of the Year, must come to terms with the fact that her family is less then perfect while trying to win the award of a lifetime.

Review: This is what I’d call a feel good movie. It’s not quite a comedy as advertised, and is more of a dramedy. If you’ve ever lived in a super religious family, or grew up Catholic, this is probably a somewhat familiar story that you’ve either witnessed or heard. The not-so-Catholic kids do things the uber religious parent doesn’t approve of and chaos ensues. Dogma exists in just about every creed, credo, religion, etc etc. I witnesses a lot of it myself growing up so this story wasn’t anything new, but the way it plays out is very refreshing. The mother is clearly grappling with some intense emotions and she feels she must decide between her family or her religion.

Overall, while the film wasn’t anything particularly memorable or breathtaking, but it was enjoyable. Some of the jokes fell flat however I may not be the audience it was intended for. Seeing older actresses getting starring roles is few and far between, and made me extremely happy. I love when films take the time to represent a world film usually ignores, which is anyone over 40. It also grapples some with politics, religion, familial bonds, and all the familiar things many Americans themselves have to face. Not to mention it’s a female director telling a story which allows a woman to be what she is, which is a woman. The overall feeling is very ernest and honest. The world is complex, and it shows.

So while not phenomenal or insanely breathtaking, if you want something on for a couple hours that you don’t have to think too much about that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside when it’s finished, this is the movie for you. It may not quite do it for me, but as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I tend to prefer thrillers or dark comedies. So for people who like a different style and wanna feel good? This is a good one for you!

Interested? Watch the preview here

Or, if you’re already interested watch free now on VUDU! (with ads) or rent on Amazon video for $2.99

Image is a still shot from the film and therefore being cited below:

The Perfect Family. Dir. Anne Renton. Perf. Kathleen Turner and Emily Deschanel. Gravitas Ventures, 2012. VUDU. Web. 28 Apr. 2017.

Please, if my citations are incorrect let me know! I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. The artists at work put a lot of time and effort into their films, I’m just here to help bring exposure to said films.


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