The Hunters

Title: The Hunters

Director: Nisha Ganatra

Writer: Matthew Huffman

Runtime: 85 min.

Rating: PG

Synopsis: Two children discover their parents are secret agents and that they’ve disappeared on an epic journey to gather the pieces of a magic mirror.

Review: This one may very well be a terrible movie to write a review on, as I have little good to say about it, but I’m doing it anyone because if anything someone can make a solid drinking game out of it. Obviously every star has to get their start somewhere, and if you love Alexa PenaVega (credited as Alexa Vega) and Robbie Amell (known mostly for TV) you may get a kick out of this.

The writing is sloppy, the visuals are unexciting, and the story is overdone. Harshness aside, I think the actors did the best they could to bring the content they were given to life. It’s sort of like a bad SyFy movie meets The Librarian meets Spy Kids. I’m serious though, you could make a SOLID drinking game out of this because every trope necessary in a “teens rescue their secretly secret-agent parents” film is there. Better yet, we should start a petition to convince Screen Junkies to dig into this one, they’d have waaayyy too much fun. Now if you can make it past the bad writing and un-eventful visuals, it is a decent family-friendly movie. It’s not filled with gratuitous nudity or violence. Family-friendly can be tough to find, so give it a watch if you’re with the kids, have nothing better. Or, if you’re terribly bored and don’t mind suspending your disbelief by more then is usually required, it’s better then some of the atrocious stuff I’ve suffered through. And if you’ve got a taste for somewhat cheesy films that take themselves seriously when they shouldn’t? Well, this may just be perfect. Though in all honesty, I’m impressed the director managed to make anything watchable out of that really really mediocre dialogue… Then again it is a TV movie, so I should keep my expectations in check. Even my description sounds ridiculous…

If you’re interested check out the trailer here

Or head over to VUDU and watch now for free (with ads)!

Image is a still shot from the film and therefore being cited below:

The Hunters. Dir. Nisha Ganatra. Perf. Alexa Penavega, Robbie Amell, and Keenan Tracey . Hallmark Entertainment, 2013. VUDU. Web. 23 Apr. 2017.


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